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Exporting a trailer to Canada is easy!

We will provide you with the following documentation:

1) Letter of Recall Clearance
2) Manufacturer's Statement of Origin
3) Invoice

Recall Clearance:
We recommend that you submit your recall clearance documentation to the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) before you import your trailer. Recall clearance must be dated within 30 days of the import date in order to be valid.

Recall clearance documentation can be submitted to the RIV by fax (1-888-642-9899), by e-mail (, in person or by mail to an RIV office location.

U.S. Customs:
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) require notification of all self-propelled vehicles being permanently exported from the United States. Trailer are excluded from this rule.

Any questions regarding U.S. Customs can be directed to the port of entry.

Sweetgrass Area Port/Coutts
Interstate 15 N at Canadian border
Sweetgrass, MT, US, 59484
Phone #: 406 432-5522

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA):
The CBSA office at the point of entry into Canada will process the importation of your vehicle. CBSA will check documentation, provide you with a Vehicle Import Form (Form 1) to be completed at the border, verify vehicle admissibility and may facilitate payment of the non-refundable RIV registration fee of $195 and any taxes due. CBSA will also forward the completed Vehicle Import Form (Form 1) for your vehicle to the RIV.

Please contact CBSA if you have any questions regarding CBSA requirements or taxes -

In Canada: 1-800-461-9999 (English) ; 1-800-959-2036 (French) Outside Canada: (506) 636-5064 (English) ; (506) 636-5067 (French) Web Site:

Federal Inspection Form:
The Federal Inspection Form identifies modification and inspection requirements. The following must be done before the RIV will issue the form:
1) RIV must receive recall clearance documentation confirming that there are no outstanding recalls on the vehicle.
2) The Vehicle Import Form (Form 1) must be completed and submitted to RIV through CBSA.
3) RIV registration fee and taxes must be paid.

Do not proceed with any modifications to your vehicle until you receive the Federal Inspection Form.

RIV Inspection:
All required modifications must be completed prior to the RIV inspection. The inspection must be completed within 45 days of the date of importation.

You will be required to present the vehicle, the Federal Inspection Form and your Vehicle Import Form - Form1 at the time of Inspection at an authorized federal inspection centre. The inspection centre will provide RIV with the Federal inspection results once the RIV inspection is complete.

RIV will then issue a Canadian Statement of Compliance (SOC) label for the vehicle once the vehicle has passed the RIV inspection.

RIV Inspection Locations:
Canadian Tire and a number of independent centres across Canada have been authorized to perform RIV inspections. Visit to find a location near you.

Provincial Licensing:
In order to register and license an imported vehicle you need to present your stamped Vehicle Import Form - Form 1, along with the bill of sale, title, proof of insurance, as well as any other information or documentation required by the provincial/territorial licensing jurisdiction.

Please contact your provincial licensing jurisdiction for detailed information on how to obtain provincial or territorial licensing.

Alberta - Phone: 780 427-7013 or 310-0000 toll-free within Alberta Web site:

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