How to Secure a Motorcycle onto a Trailer

Sometimes we get into situations where we are forced to strap and transport our motorcycle onto a trailer instead of enjoying a ride in it. You just can’t just help it. Either you are going on a long journey, or the motorcycle has a mechanical problem, and you need to get it to service. That said, you need to ensure you tie the motorcycle correctly onto the trailer lest it shifts or tips over on the highway. To keep it strapped safely, follow the tips discussed below.

Choose the right trailer

Choose a trailer that conforms with your needs. Consider one big enough to hold the motorcycle safely. The trailer must also fit perfectly in every condition you expect to encounter on the road. There are many trailers available out there. Some are specifically meant for motorcycles while other can do a variety of tasks.

Don’t forget a corresponding ramp

Get to know the base of the wheel and the size of ground clearance of the motorcycle before you select a ramp that suits your purpose. When measuring the wheelbase, begin from the middle point of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel. For the ground clearance, measure from the lowest point of the bike between the front wheels and the rear ones.

Bring some straps

We have a variety of straps to choose from, but the ratchet types are the best because they are easy to compress. When choosing the strap, consider one that has a working load limit not less than half the total weight of the bike. You will require at least four straps to give you a better control of the strength.

Load the bike using the ramps

Push the motorcycle through the ramp until it settles at the base of the trailer. Make sure the front wheel of the bike is on the chock.

Ensure the side stands are down while you attach the straps

Make sure you attach the strap in a manner that guarantees maximum stability. Start with the strap at the front left and tighten it with one point secured on the trailer and the other to the frame. Use the same technique to attach the strap located at the right front end of the bike. This way, the bike will be perfectly strapped vertically, which is the ideal position.

Ratchet the straps down

Make sure the other end of the strap is secure at a point on the trailer. Pull out the slack on the left side and ratchet it down. Do the same thing for the right side. This way you prevent the bike from moving vertically by applying uniform suspension.

Strapping the rear of the motorcycle

Remember when you strap only the front part of the bike, it will sway sideways, To prevent this, secure the straps at the rear to counter tensions ensuring the bike is immovable while in transit. Don’t tie the straps on the guards because they are not designed to withstand high tension. They will most likely come off.

Check the compression

While ratcheting the straps, check the suspensions and make sure they are compressed fully. If they are loosely compressed, the probability that the straps will loosen during transit is high.

Transporting the bike

Driving with a motorcycle in a trailer is not a normal driving. First, you need to know the trailer permit regulations in the area you are driving in. Second, you have to practice on how to negotiate sharp corners and backing ups. Also, don’t forget to cover the motorcycle with a tarp to keep it safe from other road elements. Finally, check the straps regularly while on the road.