How to Camp Out with Your Horse Trailer

Camping out is always a lot of fun, and it becomes even more fun when you get to bring your horses along. However, not all horse owners are up to speed on the dos and don’ts of horse camping with a trailer. There are some precautions and tips you need to follow in order for the experience to go smoothly. If you want to camp out with your horse trailer, use these tips to make the experience go well.

The Right Trailer

Camping out successfully with a horse trailer starts with selecting the right horse trailer to meet your needs. You need to find a trailer that is big enough for your horses as well as all the gear you will need. If you are planning on having living quarters in your trailer, make sure that you get a trailer with a gooseneck design rather than a bumper pull horse trailer. The gooseneck design is much safer for hauling the heavier loads that trailers with living quarters entail.

Picking the Right Spot

When you first arrive at your destination, you need to search out an ideal spot for camping with a horse trailer. Find a spot on level ground that is clear of any obstructions that could be dangerous to your horse. Make sure to always chock the wheels of your trailer right away for safety. If you have electrical hookups, make sure that the plug is hanging downwards to avoid water getting into the female component of the plug and causing damage.

Only Unhitch When It’s Safe

If you are using a bumper pull trailer, it is not always safe to unhitch it. When the weight of the load on the back of the trailer exceeds the weight of the trailer, it will create a negative tongue weight. This can actually cause the front end of the trailer to rise up off the ground, which is obviously a dangerous situation.

Get a Quiet Generator

If you are going to be doing rustic camping, you don’t need to worry about this. However, if you like the civilized version of camping complete with power, make sure to get a quiet generator that will not spook the horses.

Taking Care of the Horses

You need to take special care of your horses when you are on a trip with them. This care should start a few months before you leave. The experts at, an online guide to equine healthcare, recommend that horse owners should vaccinate their horses at least a month before leaving on a trip. Also, examine your horse closely before leaving for any signs of sickness.

When you are camping with your horse, it is best to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Resist the urge to give your horse special food while on a trip. The Trail Rider recommends bringing your horse’s regular feeding buckets to help the horse to feel comfortable.

It is best to avoid tying horses to your horse trailer whenever possible. Putting up a picket line to tie your horses to is a great idea. Do not turn out horses with horses they do not know. If you do this, the horses will spend the night getting to know the new horses and establishing a pecking order. This will leave them tired throughout the next day of riding.

Horse camping is a lot of fun, but it does take some planning and preparation. If you follow this guide to camping with a horse trailer, it will help you to avoid problems and maximize the changes of a successful trip. This will allow you to focus on having fun once you arrive.