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How To Keep Your Horse Trailer Cool In The Summer

Horse trailers allow us to take our four legged friends to summer horse shows, trail rides across the country, and even an impromptu camping trip to the beach with friends. Yet with temperatures rising to over ninety degrees on some sunny summer days, it’s important to remember to keep your horse cool in their trailer. […]

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How to Weatherproof Your Horse Trailer

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Anyone who owns a horse knows that it is impossible to provide proper care for one’s animals without the essential tools and equipment. The cost of these materials can add up. This is why it is important to correctly clean and protect your equipment. This is especially necessary for larger equipment, such as horse […]

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How to Choose the Best Tires For Your Trailer

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Choosing tires for your horse trailer can be a stressful and difficult project, but the right knowledge makes the choice easier. For example, there are some guidelines you can follow that will make selecting tires for your horse trailer much easier. First, never “over” eye ball the trailer. Simply looking at a horse trailer […]

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Top 6 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Horse Trailer

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Whether your schedule calls for a visit to the vet or a show, you’ll need a horse trailer to get your favorite equines from point A to point B. Unfortunately, even experienced horsemen and women can make mistake with their horse trailer and trailering habits. Here are some common mistakes that will serve as […]

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