Buying the Best Food Truck Trailers

Do you have a dream of becoming popular in your neighborhood by selling food out of a concession truck? Congratulations! You’ve chosen a fruitful endeavor as more than 4,000 food truck businesses exist in the U.S., according to IBIS World. Statistic Brain also claims that the annual profits from concession truck businesses are more than $1,200,000,000 billion. Having the right concession trailer can make your venture more profitable. Mile High Trailers offers an extensive line of concession trailers that can meet your needs. You can choose the best option for your wallet, your preferences, and your vision.

Atlas 4’X 8′ Trailer: Small Dreams

The unit that you choose for your concession business depends on your budget and your dream. You can purchase a unit that is not a specific concession trailer but can still work for you. The Atlas 4‘ X 8‘ trailer is an example of making something work on a limited budget. The unit has an all-aluminum exterior with LED lights, aluminum fenders and more. The inside of the trailer has features such as plywood walls and an LED interior light. The measurements of the trailer are length 9’7”/width five ’10”/height 6’8″ overall. This little Atlas cutie could work well for a business in which you sell candy, chips, fruits and some other items. It’s lightweight and easy to take wherever you want to take it. Additionally, the opening price is under $2,000.
This unit truly speaks to someone who has a small dream of big success.

The ATLAS 6 ’X 12’ Concession Trailer: Newbie Vision

The Atlas 6‘ X 12‘ is an excellent option if you have a little extra money, and you’re just starting. This model is good for ice cream routes or smoothie businesses. Smoothie businesses are very popular among fitness buffs, children and dieters.  This unit has an overall height of 7’11”, an overall width of 7 ’8”, and an overall length of 12’5″. It can handle a payload of 1300 pounds. It has a strong steel frame with dust barriers and safety chains. You can buy the unit in white or request one of many other color choices. The starting price is $3,795.

ATLAS 7×14 Concession Trailer: Big Time

The big Atlas model is for enormously bold adventures. You could sell anything your heart desires from this model. You could make breakfast sandwiches, burgers or Cuban items like the person in the movie “Chef” did. You could offer an exotic food that people don’t usually find on trailers, too. This one has two concession doors on it, and it can handle a payload of more than 4,725 pounds. The interior has a washable vinyl ceiling, heaters, receptacles and counter tops. This trailer is a model you will want to buy if you are thinking about making huge successes.

There are much more options from which you can choose. Contact Us Today for a free Consultation about the Food Truck of your choice!  Plus you can receive free trailer delivery in the Pueblo, Boulder and numerous other areas in Colorado.