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ATLAS Trailers makes uncompromisingly high quality trailers at the best prices you will find anywhere. With turn around time on custom orders at only 6 weeks in most cases, ATLAS Trailers can provide you with exactly what you want when you need it. is the Official website for ATLAS Trailers in the Rocky Mountain Region. is owned and operated by Simla Auto and Truck of Simla, Colorado. Simla Auto and Truck is a Licensed and Bonded Dealer in the State of Colorado and the only Authorized Dealer for ATLAS Trailers in the Rocky Mountain Region. Please give us a call and let us help you build a perfect trailer just for you. Ask for Steve at 720-298-8561.

SHOPPING AROUND - When you are shopping for a trailer, there are several manufacturing techniques that you need to look for. Unfortunately, you can�t see all of them!

  • HAT posts vs. Z posts � Side walls are usually constructed with HAT Posts or Z Posts (the cross section of the side supports is usually in the shape of a HAT or a Z). A Z post is essentially half of a HAT post. Low-end trailer manufacturers use Z posts to cut costs. Stay away from Z posts! Over time your trailer will loose rigidity.

    You will only find HAT posts in our trailers!

  • 16� vs. 24� � Side walls usually have posts every 16� or 24�. Low-end trailer manufacturers put posts every 24� to cut costs. This drastically reduces the rigidity of your trailer and will only cause headaches in the long run. You should stick with trailers that utilize posts every 16�.

  • One piece roof vs. multi piece roof � Most people buy an enclosed trailer to protect whatever it is that they are hauling. It makes sense that you would want a roof that is not prone to leaking! Low end trailers may come with multi piece roofs. Instead of using one giant piece of aluminum and sealing it around the edges, some manufactures use pieces of aluminum overlapping one another with thick strips of goo. This type of roof will leak over time and defeat the whole purpose for having an enclosed trailer in the first place!

    Always look for a 1 piece aluminum roof.

  • Plywood vs. Advantech � Most manufacturers use either Plywood or Advantech flooring. Plywood is cheaper and the low end manufacturers love to use it! Unfortunately, it is not the best. It tends to warp and allow road moisture to seep into the trailer. Advantech flooring is a hardened tongue & groove product that adds significantly to the rigidity to the trailer. No warping. No Seepage.

  • Cross Support vs. No Cross Support � Trailer rigidity comes from the quality of frame that the trailer is built around. You want the frame to provide as much rigidity as possible. That is why ATLAS Trailers utilizes a Cross Support at the front of every trailer that connects the bottom corner of one side of the front of the trailer to the top corner of the other side of the front of the trailer. Some manufactures skip this step all together and hope for the aluminum and plywood to hold the trailers shape. You can�t see the cross support once that trailer is finished, so make sure you ask!

  • Undercoating vs. Rust � Always make sure you get a trailer that has been undercoated! If it is not protected by some type of undercoating, metal will rust. Make sure your Chassis, Side Posts, Front Posts, and Roof Bows are ALL undercoated.

  • I you have any questions, please don't heasitate to contact Stephen Donnelly, our Sales Manager. Even if you don't buy your trailer from us, heaven forbid, we want you to know what you are buying!

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