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NEW Little Giant Tree House Trailer - $3295.00

In Stock: [�] Galvanized

If your preferred trailer is not in stock, just ask. We can get it for you quick.

This 3/4 ton truck bed LittleGiant Trailer is built for over-drive with performance-driven features and pick up bed design for unlimited uses and modular expandability. Lightweight pulls easily with small cars or big on all-terrains including highway, improved, and the off-road.

  • 7'1" L x 4'6" W x 24" H solid walled pick up bed form and function contains all forms of cargo, from equipments to personal travel affects.
  • 420 lbs empty; 1,500 payload (1,920 lbs GVWR)
  • Removable front and rear end gates.
  • All-galvanized trailer body (hot dip) steel construction for optimal durability, 12 to 18 gauge.
  • Integrated C-Channel track on sidewalls for cargo management and modular attachments.
  • Torsion axle with grease bearing system for independent and rubber dampened wheel suspension, strength, and low maintenance; A-Frame trailer tongue.
  • 13" silver rims, 24" diameter tires, 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern.
  • Complete lighting system with license plate holder.
  • Complete bolt-together kit; some assembly may be required.

This package is built on the Little Giant Torsion Trailer, an all-in-one cargo, utility, and camping trailer that is ideal for daily cargo transport and travel needs with full capacity use of pick up bed interior. It easily sets up into a comfortable and roomy tent trailer for camping and outdoor events.



  • Light weight for small car towing.
  • Comfortably sleeps up to four people with storage and standing room; 6’10” interior height.
  • Light aluminum Deck Wing panels set up outward using sidewall track and base mount hardwares for telescoping support arms.
  • Trailer end gates fit along sidewall track for three-sided surface area for sleeping; stow gear underneath in trailer bed, or mixture thereof.
  • Marine Jack and Levelers included for mobility and stability off the hitch.
  • TreeHaus tent with screen ceiling/sky view, large bay windows, deck panel covers. Rain fly with Tie-Outs and Tie-Ins (self contained anchors).
  • Assembly required, bolt-together kit.


Made in Colorado Springs, CO by Let's Go Aero.



GearWagon 125 - $3987.00 Standard Package

In Stock: [�] White-Gray

GearWagon 125 - $4987.00 Camper Package

In Stock:


If your preferred trailer is not in stock, just ask. We can get it for you quick.

The Gear Wagon125 is our cargo, toy hauler, and camper all-in-one. Enjoy all the daily cargo hauling function and full capacity use of the GearWagon™ 125 trailer model with added optional features that also allow it to convert into a comfortable camper. The hard shell construction with thick marine grade tent keeps interior cool in the summer and warm in the off season for three to four season camping.


  • Tent & Vestibule. Sets up quickly and easily with screened windows and doors. High strength, heavy-duty laminate 100% polyester with vinyl coated topside.
  • Set of four Deck panels store along sidewalls and fit into molded interior ledge for added level for sleeping or storage.
  • SolarVent removes condensation build up, quiet, reliable ventilation.
  • Leveler Kit included for stability when off the high (prevents rearward tipping when sitting or standing in trailer).


Made in Colorado Springs, CO by Let's Go Aero.



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